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Nina Unrated – Glamour Chick Naked

Magnificent Nina is famous Youtube model

Nina Santiago, also known as Ninaunrated, is famous model from Puerto Rico. She was born in 1978 but she looks better than many twenty something years old girls. Her birth sign is Virgo, but she is not a virgin. She is Youtube model, an actress and Internet star with so many followers and subscribers. Nina’s real name is Denisse Muniztorres. She lived in Texas for most of her life, but because of her job, she decided to move to some bigger city. There is no much info about her family and education. Most people know her for her Youtube videos. She has several channels where she regularly publishes vlogs and informational videos. She is in the industry for more than twenty years which means she knows how things work. Because of her amazing body figure, she was on covers of many famous magazines. She shares her stories and wellness tips on her channel with 300000 subscribers. Her personal life is not boring at all. She was married to Morlon Greenwood but they split several years ago. In 2015, she was arrested because she pointed a gun at Morlon. She was a victim because he tortured Nina for years and she couldn’t take it any longer. She wanted to protect her son, she didn’t mean to harm him. But, she is stronger after that incident and she decided she will forget about her past. She moved along and she is now happy, but we are not sure if she is dating anyone currently. But, we know for sure that Nina is whole lotta woman and she is very hot!

Nina Unrated porn videos and naked pics

Nina is very active on all social media platforms, but her favorite platform is Twitter. She admits she likes Elon Musk and she thinks he is ready to be the next president of United States. Her Twitter page is NinaUnrated. Maybe she will be next Mrs. Twitter because Elon bought Twitter recently. She has more than 50000 followers there and more than 50000 tweets. She is self aware and she knows how much is she worth. Nina is experienced woman, she is not a teen and not a young stupid girl who doesn’t know what she wants from life. This is why men adore her. Her natural tits are great to cum all over them. She is addicted to sex and she wants to be fucked in every position possible.  Ninaunrated is XXX rated on OnlyFans. If you subscribe to her OnlyFans for twenty dollars per month, you can see her naughty side. Yes, there are porn videos there and yes, she is nude and completely naked. There are explicit videos where she does so many kinky things. She can rate your cock and you will get an honest answer would she suck it or not. Her specialty is butt plug videos, only available on her OnlyFans. There are more than four hundred pics and vids on her page so you better subscribe now.

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