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Taylor White – Fit And Sexy Blonde

Taylor White is ready to show you her nude pics

Do you like tattoo girls? In fact, do you like cute, sexy and hot tattoo girls? Because Taylor is exactly that, she is a cutie and she wants to share her naughty side with you. Taylor White is sexy, fit and slim brunette with amazing body. She was born in 1993 in Florida. She is hot girl who always wanted to be successful. She started working for some smaller companies when she was young and she attracted attention from customers really quickly. Taylor was rebellious when she was younger. Nobody couldn’t tame her wild spirit, she ran from one foster care to another and she couldn’t find peace. But, she wanted something more exciting so she created her first social media profile when she was 18 years old. Some of the companies she worked for are from fashion and clothing industry. Besides promoting various companies online, she loves doing crazy things and adventurous stuff. She has nice long hair and fit body figure. There are no information about her family, but she always say how she care about them very much. Taylor comes from Seattle. She is a tattoo girl with unique look. She got her first tattoo as an homage to her family descent. She was born in 1990, this was a time of peace and good faith. Internet was on a rise and it was very different than today. Taylor is what she is and she doesn’t want to change for nobody. If a guy doesn’t like her, she moves on, she doesn’t want to lose her precious time.

She is mentally strong girl with amazing ass

Taylor White had really difficult childhood. Her parents were drug addicts and they left her and her sister. This is why she spent most of her childhood in foster care. She will never forget how her parents treated her but she is trying to forgive them both. Because of this, she became mental health activist. She wants to help others who have or had similar issues in life. She is now much stronger than before and she provides support to people who struggle with family problems. Taylor is a millennial and she can’t live without technology, gadgets and computers. She was born on Friday, this is why she is very social and she can’t spend too much time alone in her house. Taylor is a tattoo model and social media celebrity who worked for Inked Magazine among many other magazines. She has more than 195000 followers on her Instagram page. Her first profile was suspended because of her sexy photos, but this time, she promised she will be a good girl. Taylor calls herself Tiger Lily. She is dark cloud in human shape. She is also available on Youtube, her channel is TaylorWhiteTV but she is not very active there, she has 43000 subscribers. But, we are sure you are interested in her OnlyFans when you can see her perky tits, her wet tight pussy and maybe even more.


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