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Carly Bel – Sexy IG Star

Carly Bel, or just Carli, is famous social media star and Instagram celebrity. She is hot! Her pretty face will make you think about all kinds of naughty things you want to do to her. She started her online career on Youtube, she did that only as a hobby, but once she became popular, she decided for this to be her full time job because she loves doing that and she earns enough to live a life of her dreams. If you want to find out more about her personal life, boyfriends and social media accounts, read this article and we will let you know everything we know about her.

Carly Bel is so beautiful, she has huge number of fans and followers on all social media platforms. She was born in 1996, she is currently twenty six years old and she lives in United States. We are not sure is Carly her real name, but everybody knows her as Carly, that’s her nickname. She is into fitness, music and dancing, she loves to spend her time with her boyfriend, family, friends and fans. Carly Bel always wanted to be a model, and now she is one. She is very fit, sexy and she has one of the most banging bodies you’ll ever see. You can check out her Instagram page for more info about her. She posts selfies and photos every day because she knows her fans want to know where she is and what’s she is doing. Her page @carlibel is verified, she has more than two thousand posts so far and you can contact her if you have any question or an idea for collaboration. She has four million and eight hundred followers on her IG profile. There are pics of her without makeup too, she is so pretty and natural.

Is she

According to latest information, she is single. Her ex-boyfriend was Youtuber and they published many videos together. But, although they loved each other, her relationship was not successful. She came a long way since then, she was shy girl when they met, but now she is confident woman and she wants to be one of the most popular Youtuber ever. Besides Youtube, she started her OnlyFans because she gets turned on when her fans watch her naked.

Do you like her? For starters, check out her Youtube channel where she talks about everything! There are no taboo subjects for her, she talks about guys, sex, love and everything you are interested in! She is cute, she has perfect smile and amazing body, what more do you need?

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