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Is Drjohnd Still On Onlyfans?

Hot Drjohnd is here for you

Are you ready for a really hot doctor? Dr John D. is here and he has big D. for you to see! He will check your health, your blood pressure, he will check anything you want. Do you like watching big dicks? We don’t know why, but both men and women loves to watch big dicks. No matter if those dicks are fully erected or not, we all love to watch them and we all fantasized about stroking big dicks at least once in a lifetime. Big dick is a dick from every woman’s dream, women loves to suck big cocks, to give a man with big dick a handjob. Drjohnd is a nickname of Gianpaolo Dirisio and he loves to show off. He has TikTok account where she shows his expensive outfits. Drjohnd wears different clothes every day and every day he spends more than two thousand dollars to buy new clothes. But, we know you don’t want to look at his clothes, you want to check out his naked body. He loves to go to the gym and to build his muscles. He looks amazing and he knows it. We are not sure if he is gay or bisexual, or strictly heterosexual, all we know that he loves sex and he has sex every single day. He has more and more fans because girls and guys love hot muscled guys with big dicks. Do you want to see more of him? Start following him on his social media profiles and start chatting with him.

His OnlyFans Is Not Available At This Moment

His OnlyFans profile was Drjohnd but it is not available at this moment, we are not sure why but we will definitely investigate what’s going on. Maybe he changed his mind about his career in adult industry or maybe he is preparing something completely new and different, who knows. No matter what, we will have to wait and see what’s he has been up to. Until then, check out his other social media profiles and contact him for his sexy nudes and hot selfies where he is naked. If you want, you can start following him on his Twitter account. He joined Twitter in 2021 and he has almost one hundred tweets so far. Drjohnd has almost ten thousand followers until now and all of them can’t wait to see his dick. Do you want to see him naked? That’s not too hard, but he will be hard for sure. He is one hot dude! He is not available for chat on Instagram, maybe he had an account but it got suspended or maybe he deleted it himself. His real name is Gianpaolo but who is interested in his real name when all you want to see is his big cock. There are couple of videos with some hit girl jerking his cock and it is awesome. Do you want to see him in action? Contact him and he will see what he can do about it.

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