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Alexandra Botez – What A Hottie!

Alexandra Botez is Twitch star and social medial celebrity. She was born on September 24, 1995, she is cute and she has beautiful smile. Alexandra Botez is from Dallas, Texas and she is one of the cutest content creators at this moment. And not only that, she is a chess player and she is very good at it, which means she is not only beautiful, but smart too. Alexandra is very active on her social media profiles, together with her sister Andrea. They usually discuss chess and other things, but her fans of course want to see both of them naked. If you want to know if Alexandra Botez has OnlyFans, read the rest of the article. Do you love chess? We all know that female chess players are smart, but did you know they are also very pretty? Alexandra Botez is definitely one of them. And she has a sister too!

Pretty and hot Christian girl

Alexandra is pretty Christian girl from Texas. Her zodiac sign is Libra and she is five feet and four inches tall. She is slim and fit, she weighs around 110 pounds. Her eyes and hair are brown. She loves to smile and she loves her job, this is why she shares her sexy selfies and cute pics on her social media profiles. She is a graduate and a winner of several chess tournaments. Alexandra has IG page, @missbotez where she has more than one hundred and thirty posts and almost six hundred thousand followers. As you can read in her bio, she lives in Los Angeles and she is chess content creator. She loves to spend time with her friends and her family, she loves to travel and to do interesting things every day.

Unfortunately for all of you who are dying to see her body and tits, she is not currently active on OnlyFans. We don’t know why and we are not sure if she will come back to OnlyFans or not, but follow her on her other platforms to get to know her better. And one day, who knows, maybe she will show her perfect pussy to her fans.

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