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Mizztwerkrsum – Queen of Twerk

Queen of twerking is here – meet MizzTwerksum

Twerking is awesome! It never gets old! Who doesn’t want to watch sexy girls shaking that ass? We all love to see asses in all positions possible. Dancing and twerking is so hot and men all over the world drool when they see sexy girls while twerking! If you don’t know what twerking is, you are probably born on some other planet. Twerking is a type of dancing which became popular with a rise of popularity of bounce music. Mizz Twerksum comes from Atlanta. Her Instagram profile @Mizz.twerksumlive1 has more than 30000 followers. She had profile with much more followers but it was suspended because of her sexy videos and pics. She was just an ordinary girl, living a ordinary life. But she wanted something bigger, something more exciting, she didn’t want to spend her life with a husband in a house and surrounded by pickwood fense. She wanted to live luxurious life, she wanted to travel and to visit exotic countries in all parts of the world. This is why she decided to start her Instagram page. People noticed how beautiful and unique she is and her career started when she showed her perfect body. You can follow her on Twitter, she has more than 300,000 followers there, be one of them. She joined Twitter in 2009, she is not active there but she has amazing 86000 tweets and you can check her awesome content. Do you like her? Do you like her sexy body? Check out her Instagram posts where she shows how good she is at twerking. She also has lovely feet and if you are into feet fetish, you can order some customized content from her. She is ready to do anything for you, just send her a message.

Her naked sexy ass will make you cum so hard

Mizz Twerksum is so hot! Her ass is so huge, you won’t believe your own eyes when you see it! She is thicc and awesome and she wants to be your fantasy. Her official OnlyFans page is available for all of you for 39 dollars per month. She guarantees she will make you cum in a no time. This is a page where you can watch her exclusive content, this is her world where she twerks and does all kinds of naughty things. Before you subscribe to her main page, you can check her free OnlyFans profile at Mizz Twerksum Free. It has five posts, more than enough to see if you like her or not. On the main profile pic, you can see how sexy she is, she is laying on the couch and she watches you directly in the eyes. She knows you fantasize about her naked body, her wet pussy and big tits. Her body is full of tattoos which makes her even more sexy. She doesn’t state what type of content she offers, but we are almost sure she provides her nudes and she will probably shoot some hardcore content too. Check her out!

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